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While You Were Sleeping: The TSBDE Remedial Plan

Dear Doctor & Colleague – 

First, thank you for your continuing support. As you know, I do not send emails in a regular campaign to solicit your business as many companies do. I was recently with a large group of doctors during a presentation in Houston, and one in the group commented on how they never receive any marketing from me.  I take pride in that fact and appreciate that comment. I want my relationship with clients and potential clients to be based on reputation, word-of-mouth referrals, and trust, and not because I hounded anyone with incessant marketing emails. Rather, when I send an email en masse, it means I have something important to say or share.

Something to Say, Something to Share
There have been some subtle yet significant changes recently with the TSBDE that you need to know about. These are big changes regarding dental practice in Texas, including record keeping and complaint investigation procedural matters that will affect a great many of Texas dentists. Even though there are several resources available to learn about these changes, none will tell you how to adjust your day to day practice accordingly. Most will not become aware of these changes until they are faced with a complaint investigation, and many will not know what to do until it is too late.

First in a Series
Therefore, I am currently working on a series of articles to highlight and give insight to these changes.  The first of these will be an article entitled, “While You Were Sleeping: The TSBDE Remedial Plan.”  This article will go into detail on one of the many changes in the law that regulates your license. Yes, you can look up what a “remedial plan” is by researching it online and on the Board’s website.  But you simply will not understand the nuances of accepting such a solution to a Board case, nor the alternative solutions that are available to you. These are details that you should be aware of to be fully and properly prepared should a Board investigation ever arise in which a remedial plan may be offered to settle a patient complaint.

Exclusive Access
This article will not be published in the either the TDA Journal or the GHDS Journal.  It will only be available online via direct subscription and purchase options. To receive notice of the availability of this article, and to receive exclusive access at a reduced cost, all you need to do for now is text the word “legaldental” to 411669 to join the DentalLegalAdvisor Network. Then, when the article is completed in the next week, you will receive notice of when “While You Were Sleeping: The TSBDE Remedial Plan” is available for you to acquire, as well as 25% off of the full cost for access.

Just send the text now, and consider obtaining access later. Securing the option will just take a moment, and the price for this detailed information is little compared to the cost of not knowing.

Again, thank you for your support,
Boyd W. Shepherd, DDS, JD

Updated: May 22, 2017 — 10:41 pm

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